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A browser plug-in dedicated to calling ‘BS’ on fake news. All you need to do is highlight the bull and press shft. Looking to address real world problems through design thinking, I was inspired by the lack of any tools serving this function.

Inspire by the print media moving into the digital space, I used a direct approach of positioning the plug-in as a trustworthy tool with a sense of humour.

Brand Identity, Advertising, Editorial, Copywriting, Digital Design

Offered on both desktop and mobile, Bullshft identifies information as one of three categories seen above. Once information is marked the user is offered further context through approved links; they can even submit their own references to settle any debates.

Living in the world of information warfare can be tough for any generation and this project is my response to the chaos.
A neutral tool that takes everything seriously except itself can help make ‘fact checking’ a standard part of someones digital behaviour alongside finding discount codes and bookmarking