Real Northern Ireland →

A conceptual campaign to shift the perspective of Northern Ireland as a war-torn country blighted by violence. Using a simple social media strategy, a collective view of Northern Ireland is formed by the people living in it, not those trying to set the agenda through violence.

Brand Identity, Advertising, Digital Campaign, Copy Writing

With a history rich in conflict Northern Ireland is constantly pulled down by its violent past. As a member of the first generation born without bullets flying over-head, I wanted to create a campaign that could help shift the perspective of
the country.

The campaign begins with relics of NI’s past placed in a setting they belong, a museum. This imagery and messaging is
pasted across the Belfast with the invitation to ‘show the world your Northern Ireland’.

Following on from the beginning of the campaign, viewers are encouraged to take photos and other media of their surroundingswith the hashtag ‘#realni’. This is further collated and displayed in real-time on the RealNI website.

Once new imagery is submitted, new flyposters gradually replace the old ones, literally pasting over the past. These new pieces would then travel the country in a showcase to further enlighten the rest of the UK to the real hidden gem within
its isles.